There is nothing more precious than laughter
and scorn – It is strength to laugh
and lose oneself. to be cruel and
Tragedy is the most
ridiculous thing „man” has
but I’m sure that
animals suffer,
and yet they do not exhibit their „pain”
in „theatres” neither
open nor
„closed” (their „homes”).
and their pain is more
than any
that any man can
„perform” xxxx or
as painful.

  • Is it not that the world is a scene for the pain? Look closely, we cherish the pain, the suffering and all the death derived shades of fading. Don’t need to look much further to see the death is within us. And every time we choose to focus on some random feast of misery over a gentle smile we choose death is one of its many forms that will at the same time elude the very essence of it so we can keep deceiving ourselves as to the means and purpose. Stepping back for the broader view, are we truly loving or are we truly dying?

  • prefer corespondenta in limba materna… da, dezamagirile, depresiile, s.a.m.d sunt si ele trairi si nu le vei aprecia niciodata la (probabil) justa lor valoare decat in momentele in care le vei trai. Da, sunt de acord cu exteriorizarea lor, da, sunt de acord cu exteriorizarea lor catre straini…e unul dintre cele mai bune calmante ale sufletului. Strainul nu va avea nicio pretentie de la tine, te va asculta si nu va avea nimic de castigat de pe urma ta. Daca aceste trairi le pui si intr-o forma lirica, atunci mai mult ca sigur, strainul va aprecia si va incerca sa vada dincolo de aparente. Din fericire, soarele oricum va aparea, si dupa cea mai neagra noapte…

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